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Don Ollsin's Community
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Welcome to Don Ollsin's Community

  • Do you love herbs?
  • Do you feel that herbs are sentient and we can communicate with them?
  • Are you interested in herbs as healing allies?
  • Do you have a more spiritual approach to herbs?
  • Do you enjoy making medicines with herbs?
  • Do you believe our bodies, minds and psyche change and adapt with the seasons
  • Do you believe there are measures that we can take and things that we can do to help our bodies, minds and spirits adapt.


We exist to create a place - (Dreammaker’s Herbal Community) where students can plant their dreams (learning and healing dreams) and together we can nourish our dreams (through courses, mentoring and community) so that they can grow roots, become established and.thrive. We can heal ourselves, others, our community and the world.


The change we want to see in the world is that herbs, herbal medicine and good sound herbal advice from a system point of view is easily accessible because Dreammaker’s Herbal Community has trained a whole new generation of systems oriented, consciously aware herbalists who have infiltrated the world with innovative ways of sharing their herbal knowledge and practice while being rewarded generously for it.

Community Membership

Our online community offers a place where each student can develop their knowledge of the healing plants, learn to grow apothecary gardens, craft effective medicine, find their herbal allies and ancestral plants. 


We will study and practice traditional systems like Ayurveda and Shamanism to help us hone our herbal and awareness skills. We will incorporate modern systems of awareness training like Dreambody (Process Oriented Psychology) that brings the dreaming and the body together. 

Foundational Course

                   Professional Training

“A year from now you will wish you had started today” Karen Lamb

Don Ollsin, Master Herbalist

I can guide you and offer a safe community to learn and grow in. 

I am an herbal elder with over 50 years experience. I have studied and taught Herbs, Ayurveda, Dreambody & Shamanism to thousands of students worldwide.

I am the author of Pathways to Healing, a Guide to Herbs, Ayurveda, Dreambody & Shamanism. 

I completed my MA in Environmental Education & Communication in 2013 and my thesis was transitioning face to face teachings to online “leaves to keyboards”. So I am no stranger to the virtual world. 

Join us and begin a new dream

Our members:


Spiritual, Honoring our ancestors, following the life cycles as taught in Ayurveda, Resiliency - regenerative, Think globally act locally


Community and collaboration supporting and being supported by others, Spirit, Respect for all life, Sustainability and sourcing food and medicine locally, Healing of self and others, Deep connections with the earth and other herbal students and practitioners, Seven generations unborn and  Undoing aloneness


A Systems View of Life, Mushrooms and the mycelium network, Social Justice, Cooking, Shamanism and Mothers and Daughters


Time in nature, Music, Pottery, Cooking, Attending farmers markets, Gardening - food and herbs, Medicine making

Don Ollsin, Master Herbalist

For the past five decades I've been helping people cultivate a deeper relationship to the plant world.

I've been interested in plants, herbs and fungi for as long as I can remember.

I offer excellent educare (bringing out that which is within) that heals while it informs. I offer books, courses and programs that guide you through sustained development in your journey of self healing, community healing and earth healing. Your healing begins on the first day of study. Learning not only the healing uses of plants but seeing them as teachers/other living beings you can get to know.

My earliest memory of plants is sitting in a garden as a young child amongst the tall corn nibbling on raw corn kernels off the cob.

The moment I knew I wanted to work deeply with herbs was working at the Golden Lotus vegetarian restaurant in 1969. What drew me to it was serving exotic herbal teas that smelled enticing and tasted delicious. I was startled to learn all about their healing powers.

Over the years of doing dream work, shamanism, and deep process oriented psychology healing work, I came to see how they were all connected in a holistic way. I found herbalism lacking in psychology and psychology lacking in contact with nature and the healing energy of the plants.

I came to see that disease and wellness were relational while working with clients. I watched a woman with chronic, pelvic inflammatory disorder heal through dealing with the anger in her relationship, while also sipping on anti-inflammatory herbal tea.

I also came to understand that disease might be about being disconnected from nature, her plants, the cycles of the seasons and awareness of the four elements. When I took students into the forests and had them attune to the plants and the elements, I watched their lives transform.

I was born in Assinaboine, Saskatchewan and moved to the Pacific Northwest around the age of 9. I now reside on beautiful Pender Island, BC. with my partner Sandy. I love to garden, grow mushrooms, mindmap, continually learn (recently completed an MA in Environmental Education and Communication) and cultivate my inner life through daily mediation practice.

To sum it up, this is for all sincere healers and...

  • You can heal yourself while learning how to help others heal and....
  • Learning and healing can be fun & enjoyable….

This is a review of my book by Rosemary Gladstar (available in paperback or as an ebook) . My courses and programs are based on material from my book.

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Don Ollsin is a professional member of the American Herbalist Guild (AHG) and listed as one of their suggested Herbal Mentors.